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June 29 2015

April 18 2014

April 17 2014

August 28 2012

Someone complained that I took 3 days to write 3 lines of code. I told them they could have had it in 1 day but it would have been 20 lines.

August 19 2012

@artofbam I didn't think so to start with, but I signed up on a discount offer. Interesting to see results, and genealogy information.

August 15 2012

“The trouble with quotes on the internet is that’s it’s difficult to discern if they are genuine.” - Winston Churchill http://t.co/ikZHKzcC

August 14 2012

@spolsky yeah, phones! You remember phones! For IT, they’re those alarm clocks that only go off during emergencies or after releases.

August 13 2012

“Baby Jono”: Can we watch 4 willies? Me: Do you mean Free Willy? “Baby Jono”: Yes. (He must be thinking of another film from my collection.)
“Baby Jono”: Can we watch 4 willies? Me: Do you mean Free Willy? “Baby Jono”: Yes. (He must be thinking of another film from my collection.)

July 30 2012

Just read a gamer describing parenthood as a "5-10 year escort mission".

July 27 2012

Radio Gouda - Queen #cheesemusicpuns #wallaceandgromit #WGProm
Wagner 'Rind of the Valkyries' #cheesemusicpuns @bbcproms @aardmandigital
Ricotta get out of this place - The Animals #cheesemusicpuns #wallaceandgromit
Livin' Leerdammer la Loca - Ricky Martin #cheesemusicpuns #wallaceandgromit
Halloumi, is it me you're looking for? - Lionel Richie #cheesemusicpuns #wallaceandgromit

July 22 2012

How NOT to cover a mass murderer... http://t.co/XbQROt7w ...and what your newsroom should do to avoid inspiring more of them. Recommended.

July 17 2012

Felt like I was back at Bristol Uni Drama Dept '89. Got kicked out of a feminist theatre group for saying "shall I be mother?" pouring tea.

June 22 2012

"Programmers don't burn out on hard work, they burn out on change-with-the-wind directives and not 'shipping'." - Mark Berry @markab

June 04 2012

This is, without question, the funniest news item I've ever read about a disappointing prize. http://t.co/OuFIrnnl

June 02 2012

Oh, righto, we’re celebrating one person out of 60 million managing to hold down a multi-million pound job that’s guaranteed for life.
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